Moving Up the Leadership Ladder: Using a Career Coach

Sunday, 29 October 2017: 3:05 PM

Paul T. Skiem, MBA
The Brooks Group, LLC, Chicago, IL, USA

Those with a desire to move up the leadership ladder need to develop a knowledge base and skill set that is wider than what they obtained as undergraduates or even in graduate school. Sophisticated nurse leaders are aware of and know how to capitalize on their competencies, and how to adapt to changes in job search and interviewing strategies while moving up the leadership ladder. In particular, how to refocus basic career tools such as cover letters and resumes, how to work with an executive recruiter and most important how to negotiate an employment contract and a separation agreement.

More often than not these nurse leaders are in constant consultation and dialogue with mentors, either inside or outside of nursing (or both), have worked with an executive recruiter (a head hunter), or are engaged with an outplacement firm or with a career coach. Working with a career coach can assist nurse leaders in the process of “repackaging” their expertise, experience and competencies for a desired role that is outside their comfort zone. Career coaching prepares and supports nurses so they make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. Solution-oriented career coaching involves taking concrete steps—résumés, cover letters, Skype interview preparation, developing employment contracts and change of control agreements—all designed to help meet career trajectory goals. A career coach can assist a nurse leader in ensuring that you have the essential career evidence that reflect your readiness and fit for the new role—not just focusing on what you accomplished in the past.

Career coaching can be helpful at every point of a nurse leader’s professional path, from the early career years, to helping explore the myriad of options for graduate school or when exploring jobs options outside their traditional comfort zone. The nurse leader’s career path of today is not as direct as it has been in previous generations, nor will it prepare that nurse leader for the key leadership careers of tomorrow. This session will define the role of a career coach and share practical job search advice for nurse leaders.