Cultural Self-Awareness of the Academic Nurse Educator

Saturday, 28 October 2017: 2:15 PM

Maureen D. Hermann, DNP
College of Nursing, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, IL, USA
Toufic Khairallah, MSN
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL, USA

Cultural Self Awareness of the Academic Nurse Educator


Academic nurse educators must assess their own self-assessment, awareness, knowledge, skill, cultural, and desire. By understanding one’s personal attitudes, perceptions, understanding, and knowledge of cultural competency, the academic nurse educator has opportunities to empower nursing students in embracing the diverse needs of the patient population.


Program Description:

Discover how personal attitudes and perceptions of the academic nurse educator can inhibit the process of cultural competency in the nursing curricula. By participating in an academic nurse educator workshop, one can identify how personal views and observations can be inhibiting in providing education to the future nursing professional.



A great need exists for nurses be aware of cultural self-awareness, judgements and bias to not only provide safe and quality care to the patient community, but to provide patient care holistically. In order to provide the best care to the surrounding patient population, cultural awareness education must begin with the academic nurse educator. Academic nurse educators are on the fore front as the role models and mentors for the nursing student population, providing direction in how to deliver cares that accommodate patient’s unique cultural needs. Through this mentorship; academic nurse educators can provide students an environment and tools to enhance communication, understanding, and guidance to nursing students.

The formal academic nurse educator workshop includes a pre-assessment of cultural awareness, knowledge, skill, encounter, and desire. Collaboration related to how one’s personal views can inhibit cultural growth will be addressed and discussed. Examples of curricular development and role play and simulation case session activities utilizing standardized participants (patient actors) are included related to the implementation of cultural competence within the classroom/clinical arenas. A post-assessment completed by the academic nurse educator identifies personal and professional growth in regards to cultural self-awareness implementation of an effective curricular course on Cultural Sensitivity.