A Global Healthcare Exchange: Building Relationships to Advance Nursing Excellence in Education and Practice

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Caroline M. Peltz, PhD, MSN, MSHSA, BSN, RN, CNE
School of Nursing, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Alyce A. Schultz, PhD
Private Consultant, Bozeman, MT, USA
Martha L. Tanicala, EdD, MSN
Global Health Services Network, Manchester, MI, USA

The Experienced Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy (ENFLA), sponsored by STTI and the Chamberlain College of Nursing, afforded me the opportunity to enrich the development of myself as a leader through the development and implementation of a leadership project. Purpose: The purpose of my leadership project was to advance nursing education and practice by creating a global exchange between Global Health Services Network (GHSN), American Nursing Institute Myanmar (ANIM) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU) School of Nursing (SON). Steps taken: A local team, composed of faculty, students, STTI members and key stakeholders, who had a vested interest in this project was created. A kick-off event, involving all stakeholders, was held at the time of the site visit of the ENFLA mentor and faculty to explain the steps necessary to build a relationship and the financial support needed to connect with a nursing program in a developing country. Fundraising efforts followed with a broader vision of project growth. In March, in traveling to Mandalay, Myanmar, to make face to face connections with stakeholders in ANIM and build relationships exemplifying that all have a key role in the co-development and sharing of practice and education was accomplished. Steps involving key stakeholders are being taken to deepen the relationship between ANIM, GHSN, and EMU by bringing faculty from ANIM to EMU. Additionally, an effort is being made to coordinate calendars to provide ANIM faculty the opportunity to participate in STTI Biennial Convention. Outcomes: A sense of trust and co-development was established between GHSN, ANIM, and EMU. A face from EMU SON was provided to GHSN, ANIM and three private hospitals in Mandalay, Myanmar. All stakeholders have expressed a vested interest in this global mission. EMU SON has initiated a global partnership with ANIM. STTI Eta Rho Chapter was revitalized and given a sense of renewal and purpose through their involvement and active participation. Personal and professional empowerment was achieved through the induction of three ANIM faculty into STTI Eta Rho Chapter. Research exploring the mentoring relationships of the students enrolled in ANIM has begun. Future directions: Discussion and planning have begun to develop future projects involving EMU SON faculty and students with ANIM faculty and students to sustain this project. Three private hospitals, affiliated with ANIM, are willing to host EMU nursing students for clinical and leadership experiences through the development of future study abroad programs. EMU nursing faculty, who are on the STTI Eta Rho board, have expressed an interest in teaching at ANIM. EMU faculty have expressed an interest in helping ANIM to develop a peer mentoring program based on research findings. EMU SON, in collaboration with GHSN, has the potential to connect with other nursing programs around the globe, increasing opportunities for faculty and students to advance nursing excellence in education and practice.