Creating a Web-Based Resource Center for Clinical Nurse Educators: Disseminating Program Information and Best Practices to Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty

Saturday, October 31, 2009: 3:15 PM

Cynthia Blum, PhD, RN, CNE
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Learning Objective 1: create an innovative resource site for nurse educators to access program materials in order to maintain consistency for students and to assist new faculty members.

Learning Objective 2: have a mechanism for nurse educators to share program tools and best practices.

Full-time nurse educators often work in silos, with heavy teaching demands. Adjunct faculty are recruited to teach clinical courses and assimilate into the practice environment with limited opportunity and little or no mentoring to learn the procedures and formats that the school of nursing follows. Anticipating the needs of faculty who are often hired just before the semester begins is difficult. The volume of information presented overwhelms those that receive an orientation. This may include the school’s philosophical or theoretical orientation, formative and summative evaluation forms, student guides and faculty forms, grading guidelines, alternative assignments, and community resources. In response to the need for dissemination of information, an online clinical faculty resource center was created using a Blackboard© community site. New clinical faculty at each of the three campuses served by this school of nursing are enrolled. The online site provides an organized format to find information on a 24 hour basis. In addition, the faculty share their own best practices with each other via this innovative format. An overwhelmingly positive response to this site from both seasoned and new faculty has encouraged the author to share this resource with conference attendees via an interactive format, providing guidance to those who wish to create a customized site for their own school of nursing.