Leadership Development Needs of Nurse Managers

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jean Just, MSN, RN, BC
Nursing and Patient Education, The University Medical Center, Columbus, OH

Learning Objective 1: identify development needs of nurse managers.

Learning Objective 2: describe the steps taken to create a formalized process for nurse manager development.

Nurse Managers are essential to the development of high performing nursing organizations.   As technology and the complexity of patient care continue to escalate, the nurse manager plays a key role in resource management, staff development and implementation of change.  Often nurses in management positions have received little formal management education or development. Nurse Manager development must go beyond initial orientation.   A comprehensive nurse manager development program will result in increased retention of nurse managers and staff, increased nurse manager and staff satisfaction, decreased recruitment time for new nurse managers and increased satisfaction with nurse manager performance by directors and chief nurse officers. Using an evidence based approach, a survey tool was developed and administered to nurse managers in an academic medical center to determine their developmental needs.  The presentation will highlight the survey results and the process of forming a nurse manager advisory group.  The outcome of this process is the development of nurse manager specific competencies, and ongoing mentorship, coaching, peer interaction and education offerings so nurse managers can continue to enhance essential skills.