Crescent of Care Nursing Model: Translating a Theoretical Model to Bedside Practice

Monday, 31 October 2011: 3:35 PM

Mary Estelle Bester, DCur, MCur, HonsBCur, BCur, RN
Department Nursing Affairs, Ming Faisal Specialst Hospital & Research Center (GenOrg) Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Our multicultural nurses expressed a need for a holistic nursing model that addressed the cultural and spiritual needs of the patient and family to guide us in our unique practice setting in Saudi Arabia.  Through consensus discussions, the Crescent of Care nursing model (Lovering, 2008) was selected as it was derived from research aimed at understanding what caring means in the Arab Muslim health context. 

The Crescent of Care nursing model was described (Lovering, 2008) but not fully developed for application within the practice setting. A group of researchers took on the challenge to further develop the Crescent of Care model, putting the ‘flesh on the bones’ to transcend the model from a concept to practical basis for use by the bedside nurse. A collaborative inquiry approach was selected to build on the expert knowledge within the research team, which consisted of nurse leaders, educators and bedside nurses from Arab Muslim and non-Arab non-Muslim backgrounds.

Extensive discussions were carefully documented as the group explored the values and components of care inherent within the model.  Core knowledge required by bedside nurses to apply the model in practice was defined, and scenarios for application in practice developed.  Strategies to embed the model into daily practice were developed; including education, development of nursing practice guidelines, resources related to the model and practical application through discussion groups. Through exposure of over 900 nurses to the model, the collaborative inquiry cycles of knowledge generation and reflection led to validation of the model in practice.  

This presentation provides insight into the development and implementation of the strategies used to embed the model into daily practice throughout the hospital.  In conclusion the positive outcome of the implementation and integration of this model in the clinical setting is described.