Sunday, November 13, 2005
This presentation is part of : Initiatives in the ICU
Patient Delivery Model: CUB (Cardiac Universal Bed)
Rachel Ann Moody, MS, CNS, RN, CCRN, Patient Care Administration, LaPorte Regional Hospital, LaPorte, IN, USA
Learning Objective #1: Describe the concept of the Cardiac Unviersal Bed (CUB)
Learning Objective #2: List the benefits of Cardiac Universal Bed utilization

Traditionally cardiovascular surgical and interventional patients are transferred from a minimum of two levels before discharge. A Midwestern hospital had implemented the Cardiovasuclar Universal Bed (CUB) patient delivery model in the eight bed cardiovascular intensive care unit when they opened their Heart Center in August 2004. This organization was the second in their state to utilize this patient care delivery model. The patient population that are served in the CUB unit are the cardiovascular surgery and cardiac intervention patients from admission to discharge. The concept of transferring patients to different areas within an organization can be time consuming, costly, and decrease patient satisfaction. The CUB concept allows for flexible scheduling of the staff, state of the art equipment, and clinical expertise in the staff to match the acuity of the patient. The outcomes that are expected with this delivery model are a decreased length of stay, increased patient satisfaction of the patient and family, an increased continutiy in the care, and an increased level of confidence from the medical staff due to the high level of clinical expertise of the staff.