Saturday, November 12, 2005
This presentation is part of : Using Technology in the Classroom
Teaching in the Techno World
Gail K. Baumlein, PhD, RN, CNS, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Columbus, OH, USA
Learning Objective #1: Discuss innovative strategies for integrating technology in the classroom
Learning Objective #2: Describe electronic resources available for teachers to enhance teaching strategies

Teaching in the Techno World

Nurses of today are lifelong learners. Teaching these students requires faculty to be creative, innovative, and most of all, tuned into the needs of students used to technology at their fingertips. Set the tone for active learning in the classroom by using teaching strategies that are creative and innovative, use all the senses, and spark student enthusiasm for coming to class. Integrate multimedia and Internet resources for the student who expects instant information access. Many examples of using online resources are demonstrated in this presentation. Find out where to get 100 free PowerPoint templates, 30 megabytes of free Internet storage, and why you need a junk e-mail account.