Saturday, November 12, 2005
This presentation is part of : Using Technology in the Classroom
Teach the Teacher: How to Develop an Online Course
Sharon E. Stoten, MSN, RN, Indiana University School of Nursing Indianapolis Campus, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Learning Objective #1: Identify best practices to use in the online enviornment
Learning Objective #2: Establish an online enviornment for learning

Many in nursing education have developed adequate online educational programs with measurable outcomes that meet educational needs. However, many faculty have some trepidation about creating course content for the online environment and often use the same fundamentals as they do in the classroom. The virtual world requires that we gain new knowledge, develop new skills and change roles from presenter/lecture to the facilitator role. Teaching tips on how to create and develop a stimulating course will keep the attention of the learner and enhance the role for the faculty. Using the best practices helps establish an online environment that will be rewarding for the faculty member and success for the learner