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This presentation is part of : Creative and Expressive Arts in Nursing
Clarian Health Partners, Inc. and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Collaborate to Help Women Relax and Decrease Pain During the Birthing Process
Susan McAlister, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Nursing administration, Clarian Health Partners, Inc, Indianapolis, IN, USA
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Nurses and music therapists from Clarian Health Partners, with musical scores from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) developed a CD to be played during the labor and delivery process. The CD has two twenty minute segments of slower than heartbeat rhythmic music and guided imagery instruction. The mother can opt for a score of calming solemn music or choose calming tranquil selection. The guided imagery and music session is a means to assist in pain reduction and anxiety during childbirth. Excessive pain can hamper the delivery process by heightening the body's response to stress and increasing tissue breakdown, coagulation, and fluid retention. Music promotes relaxation, increases imagery, reduces anxiety and distracts patients from pain.

The CD is available to the mother following the delivery as a home care aid for relaxation.

The triad of patient, nurse/therapist and ISO is a relationship of mutual caring and appreciation of music in healing.