Saturday, November 12, 2005
This presentation is part of : Using Technology in the Classroom
Going to the Movies! Three Uses of Movies in Nursing Education
Joyce A. Van Nostrand, PhD, RN, Whitney Price, MS, RN, and Carol Choate, MS, RN. Department of Health Professions: Nursing, Northeastern State University, Muskogee, OK, USA
Learning Objective #1: Discuss the use of cinematic movies for students’ demonstration of assessment, application, and synthesis of information
Learning Objective #2: Creatively design meaningful student learning experiences using movies as an educational modality for onsite, online, and video-conferenced settings

As resources become tighter in higher education, faculty struggle to provide meaningful experiences for students at a low cost. In addition, faculty find that “Generation X” and “Generation Next” students to benefit from more sensory input in the learning environment than did previous generations. These students grew up on multimedia stimulation and learn more effectively when a variety of stimuli are presented.

Faculty also continue to grapple with providing opportunities for students to demonstrate application and synthesis of information, not just knowledge of it. An additional challenge is providing consistent experiences for students in a variety of educational settings: the traditional classroom, videoconferencing, and online. Using movies can provide a creative and effective answer to these concerns.

The presenters will share their experiences using movies in the classroom. Each presenter teaches not only in traditional college classroom settings, but also via video-conferencing and online. Use of movies allows for students in all settings to have similar and effective learning experiences. Knowledge of using Internet sources to find appropriate movies and special considerations in using movies as a teaching strategy will also be shared. Three examples of using movies in family assessment, community mental health nursing, and community environmental issues will be shared.