Sunday, November 13, 2005: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Nursing Education Initiatives
 Can You Do the Math? Comparison of Mathematic Competencies of Associate and Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Students
Daryle Brown, EdD, RN
 Professional Resilience, Career Longevity, and Parse's Theory for Baccalaureate Education
Helen F. Hodges, RN, PhD, Ann C. Keeley, RN, MN, APRN, BC, Elaine C. Grier, RN, MS, CCRN
 Barriers and Facilitators of Educational Mobility Among Associate Degree Nurses in Alabama: A Pilot Study
Amy L. Spurlock, RN, PhD, Lillian Wise, RN, DSN

Sigma Theta Tau International
38th Biennial Convention - Clinical Sessions
November 12-13, 2005
Indianapolis, IN