Saturday, November 12, 2005: 2:45 PM-4:00 PM
Special Session: Healing Environments Defined
Learning Objective #1: Understand why the health environment philosophy is important to patients, family and staff.
Learning Objective #2: Understand how to implement the healing environment philosophy.
THe buzz about patient-centered care and the health environment has gotten louder and louder in recent years. Improved facilities with the latest in technology and comforting spaces that attract patients have become the norm. At the same time, funding for hospitals is dwindling. Hospitals and caregivers have to cope with a nursing shortage and baby boomers filling up hospitals. THese are just some of the reasons why healing environments must be sensitive to the budget and future maintenance. And in addition to catering to patients, it's important to "heal the healer" to enhance recruitment and retaining of staff and to improve their experiences. In this informative session, learn how today's healing environment considers all of these challenges to have significance all who use the space.
Organizer:Ana Maregatti, BS

Sigma Theta Tau International
38th Biennial Convention - Clinical Sessions
November 12-13, 2005
Indianapolis, IN