Post Operative Ambulatory Surgery Telephone Nursing Assessment at the Point of Care

Tuesday, 8 July 2008: 10:30 AM
Jackee Higgins, RN, EdD, CPNc , Department of Surgery, University Health Network- Toronto Western Site, Toronto, ON, Canada

Learning Objective 1: identify and analyze patient assessment data with specific streamlining of best nursing care practices as it relates to the ambulatory patient care.

Learning Objective 2: understand the effects of qualitative and quantitative data through a systematic approach to data collection in order to obtain quality of life and patient-centered perspectives.

Ambulatory surgery accounts for now 70% of all elective surgical procedures. Ambulatory surgery has gained patient acceptance and its cost effectiveness is widely proven. Innovative surgical techniques and less toxic anesthetics have facilitated this trend. However, there has not been a corresponding trend in establishing nursing best practice guidelines as well as effective pain management for ambulatory patients post operatively. The purpose of this presentation is to showcase an electronic database which will be used to capture information obtained from the telephone questionnaires of patients following discharge from an ambulatory surgical procedure, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy of patient satisfaction data, streamlining data management and revealing further best nursing care practices for our patients.