Collaborative Venture: Train Trainees to Conduct Awareness Campaigns about Prevention of Substance Abuse in Lebanese/Armenian Young People

Wednesday, 9 July 2008: 8:30 AM
Mary Arevian, MPH, RN, BSN , School of Nursing, American University of Beirut, School of Nursing, Beirut, Lebanon

Learning Objective 1: Describe the train the trainees project for offering awareness campaings in young people.

Learning Objective 2: Utilize the information to implement similar projects in their own communities.


Background: Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) abuse and addiction are serious problems among Lebanese youth. Peer education on ATOD abuse in several settings has been found to be an effective way of prevention. Aim: to utilize the collaborative model in training trainees, to prepare them for awareness campaigns about ATOD abuse and healthy alternatives for relieving stress. Design: a descriptive project initiated by the Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon (ARCL), funded by Oxfam Canadian Fund for Social Development, implemented in collaboration with stakeholders in the Armenian community and Oum El Nour organization. Participants: thirty young activists voluntarily participated in a training program. Results: The activists offered awareness sessions to a total of 5200 young people, policemen and parents. Evaluation of the project indicated that workshop objectives were met. Awareness campaigns were evaluated positively by ARCL, stakeholders, the activists and parents. In conclusion collaboration enhanced the capacity of ARCl, Oum El Nour, and the stakeholders in training young trainees to offer awareness campaigns, which in turn, could be an efficient and effective mode of health education for young people, considering the acute shortage of health manpower in countries like Lebanon . It is highly recommended to continue this collaborative relationship to support trainees to continue offering awareness campaigns. In addition, develop a mechanism of evaluating the impact of the awareness campaigns on knowledge, attitude and behaviors of adolescents and young people.