An Instrument for Assessment of Hospital Disaster Preparedness

Thursday, 10 July 2008: 3:15 PM
Mohsen Hojat, MSc , Nursing- Med Surge, Jahrom Medical Science University, Jahrom, Iran

Learning Objective 1: how can assess hospital disaster preparedness

Learning Objective 2: whats is the best for assessment

medical system in a country interfered in disaster that services to suffered people has main role in disaster management American congress at2003 about $165 million budget for health care preparedness and pay it to health and public medical ministry , according to this ministry report $280 million damage every years, its the importance of this subject. Hospitals are the most importance scene of public services that most earn the highest level of preparedness to obligate fast and good disaster management. Any system can not because not prepared develop disaster effect or thereat mans life. Whilst, in our country, Iran like other countries many research for assessing of disaster counter readiness in hospital did but meta analysis and use of them for a national and computed conclusion is impossible because researcher used of different checklist and questionnaire.

Methodology:This paper is descriptive reviews article that hunter used of 50 Iranian and foreign references related to hospital disaster management from Iran, Japan, Turkish and U.S.A. furthermore , uses more than 20 checklist and questionnaire that used by Iranian and foreign hunters in their research ,assess and analysis them according to national situation, needs and international standards.

Results:In this paper after review checklist and questionnaire as; A h a , A e a ,C.D.C , M p h d and…make an observational checklist consist of 210 yes/no questions .researcher try to deleted any question that is depend to time or disaster scene by attention to complete and holistic of checklist . Checklist designed in 10 subjects as emergency, admission, transfer and evacuation, traffic, communication, security, education, backup, personnel, command and management, and every subject consist of 6 domains as: logistic, personnel, spaces, protocols and charts. Validation of checklist used content validity and its reliability with kappa test was (.80) in good level.