Effective Communication in Nursing

Thursday, 10 July 2008: 3:35 PM
Fariba Bolourchifard, MSc , Nursing, Shaheed Beheshti Medical University, Tehran, Iran

Learning Objective 1: the attitude of Nursing Managers about communication process

Learning Objective 2: the performance of Nursing Managers about communication process

Purpose of the Study :

Effective Communication in Nursing


A descriptive study was conducted on total 40 Nursing Managers in shaheed Beheshti University of Medical sciences and Health services in Tehran-Iran. Participants completed a questionnaire, which was gave to them directly or distributed through their hospital's secretary office. The questionnaire consists of two parts. The first part consisted of demographic data. The second part consisted of questions about the main objective of research, the study of the attitude and performance of Nursing Managers about communication process, related to control, motivation, emotional expression, and information as four basic functions of effective communication in nursing. Descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used for purpose of data analysis and the results present in tables.


There were no statistically significant Attitude and performance about the differences between with regard to age, function of communication gender, marital status, level of education, RN experience(years), Nursing management experience (years), except Nursing management program.


According to the results of this Research the attitude of nursing managers about the functions of communication process was positive, and also they used this process in their management. The relationship between demographics variables, attitude and performance of samples about the functions of communication process was evaluated, the results, identified that learning the course of nursing management was effective in their attitude and performance.

Keywords: Effective,Communication,Nursing