Effectiveness of a Computer Assisted Learning Programme (CALP) on Selected Area of the Paediatric Nursing Course of the Diploma Nursing Programme

Wednesday, 9 July 2008
Renu Geethakrishnan, MSc, MPhil, Nursing , College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman

Learning Objective 1: gain adequate knowledge on preparation of a computer assisted learning programmefor nursing courses.

Learning Objective 2: understand the areas needed special attention in the paediatric nursing course

Introduction &Objectives

The objectives of the study were to: develop and validate a computer assisted learning programme in the Paediatric course, find the effectiveness of CALP as evidenced by their gain in knowledge score in the posttest and determine the acceptability of the CALP.


The conceptual framework was based on Teaching with Technology Model by Zhu & Kaplan (2001) and Advanced Organiser Model by Ausbel (1978).

The hypothesis formulated was tested at 0.05 level of significance.

An evaluative approach with descriptive one group pretest posttest design was utilized for the study. The total sample comprised of 40 second year students of Diploma in Nursing.

The data collection tools were: a knowledge questionnaire and an opinionnaire on acceptability. A CALP on Nursing care of children with diseases of the cardiovascular system.The Content validity of the CALP script and knowledge questionnaire was determined by giving it to experts. The reliability of the tool was established on 23 subjects by split half method and Spearmans Brown Prophecy formula and was 0.93. The data obtained was analysed in terms of descriptive and inferential statistics.


The major findings of the study were:- in the pretest, majority 55% obtained the score between 16-21, whereas in the posttest 65% scored between 25 to 33 and only 2.5% scored between 19-21. The posttest mean score (27.95) was apparently higher than the pretest mean score (17.83) with mean difference of 10.13. There is a significant difference between the pretest and posttest means of knowledge scores, t (39) =11.85, p.<0.05. More than 85percent of strongly agree responses in all the statements indicates that CALP is a good method of teaching


Heidgerken,L.E.(1994). Teaching and learning in schools of nursing principles and methods.Delhi: Konark publications.