The Effect of Foot and Hand Massage on Postoperative Cardiac Surgery Pain

Monday, 7 July 2008
Marzieh Asadizaker, RN, MSc , Nursing, Ahvaz Jondishapour University, Ahvaz, Iran
Amanollah Heidari, MD , Cadiosurgery, Jondishapour University, Ahvaz, Iran
Ali Zaman Fathi Zadeh, RN , Nursing, Joundishapour University, Ahvaz, Iran

Learning Objective 1: the comparison of severity pain in case and control group before intervention

Learning Objective 2: the comparison of severity pain in case and control group after intervention

One of the most important problems and complaint that has been experienced by patients who are influenced by surgery is the pain that physiological responses to pain create harmful effects on the body recovery after cardiac surgery , and them routinely report mild to moderate pain even though sedative drugs have been administered. Complementary strategies based on sound research finding are needed to supplement postoperative pain relief using pharmacologic management. Foot and hand massage by stimulates non painful nerve fibers and releasing Androphins, has the potential to assist in pain relief .

Purpose : this study was a clinical trial to investigate the eefect of foot and hand massage on postoperative cardiac pain in the ICU and cardiac surgery wards of gollestan hospital of Ahwaz city.

Material & Method: sixty-nine subjects were randomly assigned to either control (n=33) or massage group (n=32). The massage group whether a 20minute foot and hand massage each extremity 5 minutes and pain intensity measured by VAS and other variables were measured by check list before and after massage in two groups.

Findings (Results): There was statistically significant difference on the pain intensity & type and amount additional sedative druge between two groups after intervention (massage) (p-value = 0.000)

Discussion and Conclusion: According to the obtained findings first and two hypothesis be approved, and the pain was reduced by the intervention thus, supporting the effectiveness of massage in postoperative cardiac surgical pain.