The Comparison of Hydrocolloid and Saline Gause Dressing for Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Thursday, 10 July 2008: 1:35 PM
Abdolali Shariati, MSc , Nursing and midwifery, Joundishapour Medical Science University, Ahwaz, Iran
Sedighe Fayazi, MS , Nursing&Midwifery school, Jondishupor University, Ahwaz, Iran

Learning Objective 1: describe the effect of of hydrocolloid dressing for treatment of Pressur sores .

Learning Objective 2: describe the effect of of salie gauze dressing for treatment of Pressur sores

Abstract Background : Pressur ulcer are a worldwide health care concern affecting tens of thousands of patients . if this ulcers not treatment well , can creat retrievable difficults . Aim : this study was designed to comparison of hydrocolloid and saline gauze dressing for treatment of Pressur sores . Method : This is a clinical trial that was performed among hospitalized patients in educational hospitals of semnan . sampling was purposeful and was selected 60 patients with stage 1 or 2 Pressur sores , then they divided randomly in two groups . 30 patients were treated by moist gauze dressing and 30 patients by hydrocolloid dressing . all subjects matched by age , sex , Body Mass Index (BMI) , stage of pressur ulcer, location of ulcer , level of conciousness , mobility , nutritional way , having or not having attendant .ulcers in two groups , was assessed by checklist in the zero , first , second , third , thourth weeks and assessment parameters contain : size , color and exudate amount of ulcers State of ulcers was determind by collection scores of parameters and divided to complete healing , partial healing , without improvement or worsening . then checklist was analyzed by spss software and was compaired two groups together . Result :The finding showed that there was no statiscal significant in healing ulcers p=0.941) and mean healing time ( p=0.428 between two groups . Conclusion : hydrocolloid dressing and moist gauze are effective on pressure ulcers but none of them have preference over another .