The Practice and Assessment of Genetics Nursing for Pregnant Women Receiving Prenatal Counseling

Wednesday, 9 July 2008: 8:30 AM
Hiroko Ando, RN, CNM, PhD , Faculty of Nursing, Iwate Prefectural University, Iwate-ken, Japan

Learning Objective 1: The learner will be able to know the nursing practice for pregnant women who undergo prenatal counseling.

Learning Objective 2: The learner will be able to the nursing program that form the basis for nursing practice.

Backgroung: The development of groundbreaking techniques in reproductive genetics has given rise to the innovative medical practice called, prenatal diagnosis. Prenatal diagnosis has been taken up on ethical, legal, and social grounds, which is quite stressful for those who are directly affected, namely, the expectant mothers. Research Purpose: This research aimed to analyzed and assess genetic nursing for pregnant women receiving prenatal counseling. Research Method; This qualitative, descriptive research utilized an action research approach.1)Create a nursing program forms the basis for nursing practice.2)Implement that nursing practice for pregnant women who undergo prenatal counseling.3)Analyze and assess the nursing practice content. Results and Consideration: The nursing program, M-NINP (:Mother-Nurse Interactive Nursing Program), was implemented, and the nursing process in the 23 cases developed in varying way. 1)The nursing practice and the emotional changes in the women stemmed from the mutual influence the participants and nursses had on one another. And 3 groups were formed based on the outcome of the nursing aims, "clarfication of the issues" and "ability to understand actions". 2)Unique nursing care unfolded when responding to a woman as she opened up her feelings, and also when contacting and acting as an intermediary between the medical team in preparation for childbirth and medical treatment after a fetal abnomality was discovered. 3)The ideal nurase would be capable of responding to insecurity and instiling a sense of assurance.Numerous matters hinder on a nurse's experiences, sincerity, and character.