Comparative Survey of Nursing Student and Nursing Staff Views about Nursing Staff Role in Nursing Student Clinical Training

Wednesday, 9 July 2008: 11:10 AM
Shademan Reza-Masouleh, MSN , Medical Surgical Nursing, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Shaheed Beheshti Faculty of Nursing and Medwifery, Rasht, Iran
Saghi Moosavi, MSN , Medical Surgical nursing, Shaheed Beheshti Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, Guilan university of medical sciences, Rasht, Iran
Yasser Tabarrai, MSc , Medical statistics, Qum university of medical sciences, Qum, Iran
Mohammadishagh Mohammadi, MSN , Nursing, Kabol university of medical sciences, Kabol, Afghanistan

Learning Objective 1: To compare Iranian students and staff nurses views about Iranian staff nurses role in clinical training of nursing students.

Learning Objective 2: Staff nurses play role in nursing student training by learning promotion, support of learning,occupational self concept and adaptation of theoretical knowledge and practice.

Introduction: Clinical training is the most important part of nursing education, as it called the HEART of nursing education. So many different factors influence the nursing education. Evaluation of nursing staff and nursing student views about nursing student clinical training is very important.

Aim: To compare the students and staff nurses views about staff nurses role in clinical training of nursing student.

Material & Methods: This is a comparative –descriptive study, which 115 Bsc, student of shaheed Beheshti faculty of nursing and midwifery and 190 qualified nursing staff of teaching Hospitals of Guilan University of Medical Sciences participated. Data collection instrument was a questionnaire with two parts: Part 1 with 11 questions about demographic information, and part 2 with 24 statements about different roles of nursing staff related to clinical training of nursing students based on likert scale. In order to analyze the data, descriptive - inferential statistics were used.

Result: The research findings demonstrated that 98.3% of nursing students and 99% of staff nurses were agree or completely agree with staff nurses role in nursing students clinical training, only 1.7% of nursing students and 1% of staff nurses did not agree. None of the participants were completely disagree with role of nursing staff in nursing student training. In terms of degree of agreement, significant differences between views of nursing students and nursing staff observed. (P= 0.000)

Conclusion: It has been concluded that nursing staff play roles in four aspects of nursing student clinical training, such as, learning promotion, supporting, occupational self concept and adaptation of theoretical knowledge and practice.

Key word: Nursing education, Nursing student, Nursing staff, View.