POSTERS: Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

Wednesday, 9 July 2008: 9:45 AM-10:30 AM
Wednesday, 9 July 2008: 11:45 AM-12:30 PM
Thursday, 10 July 2008: 9:45 AM-10:30 AM
Thursday, 10 July 2008: 2:30 PM-3:15 PM
Social Capital, Self-Efficacy and Exercise
Ching-Hsing Hsieh, PhD, RN, Chang-Gung Institute of Technology; Hsiang-Chun Lee, MS, RN, Chang-Gung Institute of Technology
Effect of Short-Term Cardiac Rehabilitation on the Course of Illness of Myocardial Infarction
Nasrin Elahi, MSc, Ahvaz Jondishapour Medical Science University; Shirmohamad Davodvand, MSc, Ahvaz Jondishapour Medical Science University; Maryam Kardani, BS, Ghayem Rehabilitation Center
Impairment in Work Productivity and Health-Related Quality of Life in Nurses with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Huan-hwa Chen, RN, Chung-Hwa University of Medical Technology; Li-Fang Chang, RN, Sin Lau Hospital; Hsiu-Hsiang Tsai, RN, Sin Lau Hospital; Ai-Wen Kao, National Chang Kung University Hospital
Breastfeeding: The Best Start in Life
Nora Mulcahy, RGN, RM, RNT, MSc, University of Limerick; Genevieve S. Gallagher, BSc, RGN, University of Limerick
Assessing Risk for Pressure Ulcers Using Ultrasound Technology
Chin-Hong Lin, BA, Binghamton University; Sarah Gueldner, DSN, RN, Binghamton University
Using Plantar Stimulation to Mobilize Peripheral Edema in Heart Failure
Carolyn S. Pierce, DSN, RN, Binghamton University