Strategies and Initiatives for Women's and Family Health

Thursday, 10 July 2008: 10:30 AM-11:45 AM
Chanell Jan C. Concepcion, RN, MHSS
10:30 AM
Differences in Physical, Emotional, and Social Adjustment of Intimate, Family, and Non-Family Patient-Partner Dyads Based on a Breast Cancer Intervention Study
Deborah Witt Sherman, PhD, APRN, ANP, PCM, BC, FAAN, New York University; Carol Noll Hoskins, RN, PhD, FAAN, New York University; Judith Haber, PhD, APRN, CS, FAAN, New York University; Wendy Budin, PhD, RN-BC, New York University; Mary Rosedale, PhD, NP-P, APRN, BC, New York University
10:50 AM
Common Physical Health Conditions of Chinese Postpartum Mothers in the United States and Taiwan
Ching-Yu Cheng, PhD, RN, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Nursing; Tsui-Ping Chu, MS, RN, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
11:10 AM
The Gaps Existed Between Female Foreign Spouse's Expectation of Prenatal Nursing Instructions and Actual Acquisition
Lee Li-Chun, RN, MSN, I-Shou Universit; Shu Yu, PhD, RN, National Yang-Ming University; Teresa J. C. Yin, RN, PhD, Taipei Veteran General Hospital; Yu-Ming Lai, RN, MSN, YuanPei University