The Lived Experience of an Individual's Perception of the Holistic Severing of One's Self From An Intimate Partner Violence Relationship

Tuesday, 14 July 2009: 8:30 AM

L. Sue Gabriel, EdD, MFS, MSN, RN, SANE-A, CFN
School of Nursing, Bryan LGH College of Health Sciences, Lincoln, NE

Learning Objective 1: utilize information on intimate partner violence in their nursing practice from a more personal perspective from this case study

Learning Objective 2: analyze what is the final breaking point that causes victims of intimate partner violence to sever ties with their abuser.

Purpose: The literature provides very little information on what finally causes victims to sever ties with abusers and leave relationships. This study will amplify and augment previously documented information on IPV, revealing what one person’s account of what brought her to the acme of choosing to severe her relationship with her abusive partner, and how she accomplished this task.   

Methods: The purpose of this case study is to describe a single relationship which involves intimate partner violence. The case study will portray scenarios occurring in the victim’s life which lead to her self-discovery surrounding the fearful life she was living. Lastly, the survivor will describe how and what finally caused her to completely and successfully sever her relationship with an abusive partner and the personal plan that was used to achieve that goal.

Results: Global communities and healthcare providers need to do a better job of identifying IPV and responding to this degrading act against other human beings.  It is the intent of this case study to identify one survivor’s story, by investigating what brought her to sever ties of the relationship, how she executed this task, what and who were of help to her in making this process successful. This survivor’s experiences can convey to the worldwide community, ways to be more pro-active in assisting individuals succeed at ending harmful relationships, recapture their lives, and have productive and meaningful futures.

Conclusion: The knowledge gathered in this research amplifies the significance of just how terrifying violent relationships can be. Healthcare providers need to recognize their patients are not being treated holistically until information regarding IPV is gathered and acted upon. The rich context of just one case study brought many issues facing victims to the forefront, and supported and expanded previously existing knowledge regarding the depth and intensity of violent relationships