Developing Informatics Roles and Nurse Experts

Thursday, 16 July 2009: 1:45 PM

Lydia L. Forsythe, PhD, MA, MSN
Perioperative Services and Administration, Oklahoma University Medical Centers, Oklahoma City, OK


Informatics nursing is a vital and integral part of patient care delivery which infuses quality and integrates knowledge with technology from a nursing perspective.


This symposium will include a thorough discussion of informatics roles and the use of expert nurses within these roles. Given the importance of informatics nursing it is our nurse experts who need to be developed to be our informatics specialists.


The session will provide information about the roles and the impact on acute care delivery, staff, physician and patient satisfaction, and possible financial gains by the implementing informatics roles.


There will be an interactive discussion using simulation and dialogue to provide an educational platform for new and sustained learning on the topic.