Evidence-Based Practice: A Shared Vision with Vietnam Nursing Faculty

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Rojann R. Alpers, PhD, RN
Arizona State University College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation, Phoenix, AZ

Learning Objective 1: discuss the global need and impact of evidence based nursing practice.

Learning Objective 2: evaluate the process and procedures in establishing an international nursing education cooperative

Purpose: To describe a new international nursing education and scholarship cooperative being formed with Ho Chi Minh City University.

Methods: Observation and interaction: White uniforms, traditional hats ,standing when the physician enters the room,  enamelware equipment, 40 minute dressing changes, no disposable syringes, gloves, or drapes.  Two to three people per hospital bed, in 8-12 bed wards and units. No privacy curtains, no call lights, geckos and other ‘guests’ roaming the walls.  Numerous families, resting outside the patient rooms on woven mats; children whose parents are hospitalized play quietly with rocks, twigs and an occasional lizard.  This was a typical day at Ho Chi Minh City Hospital.   The nurses were all-movement, carrying on their care routines.  They were focused, organized, excited about their U.S. nursing faculty visitors and anxious to show off their units and their nursing students.  Their care was creative in the face of highly constrained or absent resources.

Results: Their one request was to have the U.S. nursing faculty work with them and their nursing students for a day and then share suggestions on how they could be better nurses and provide better care for their patients.  The one recurring theme was they needed help in making practice and policy changes  by obtaining the ‘evidence…nursing evidence’ specifically for wound care, children’s pain, therapeutic communication and prenatal care. 

Conclusion: This presentation will share the learned and learning experiences from this journey, the plans underway to form and grow an educational and research partnership with the Ho Chi Minh University School of Nursing, and the challenges, plans and progress being made in preparing evidence-based nursing faculty in Viet Nam.   Best patient care is the shared nursing ideal among all nurses world-wide, and engaging in a long-term, committed partnership is the best way to fulfill that dream with our international colleagues.