Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Project as Community-Engaged Scholarship

Wednesday, 15 July 2009: 2:05 PM

Young-Me Lee, PhD, RN
Nursing Department, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Learning Objective 1: learn how community engaged scholarships focused on teaching, research, and service guided to develop a STI project for Hispanic and African American Young adults.

Learning Objective 2: learn the importance of campus-community partnerships to provide effective community based STI programs and how such a project enhanced service learning experience for nursing students.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to describe the results of an integrated community service and service learning project that addressed the high prevalence of sexually transmitted infection (STI) in a largely immigrant Latino and African-American community area in a large Midwestern city

Methods: A six month community based STI prevention project was implemented. 

Results: The most significant findings from this community based STI program were that the Latino and African American adolescents studied lacked proper knowledge regarding safe sex and healthy behavioral practices and most refused treatment.

Conclusion: Overall, this initial project was successful and effective in directing student learning and addressing the public health issues revealed in the community.