The Role of Service Leadership in an Education/Practice Partnership

Tuesday, 14 July 2009: 8:50 AM

Jill K. Mason, MS, RN, CNA
Administration, Blessing Hospital, Quincy, IL

This presentation  will focus on the importance of strong leadership in a community organization that commits to evidence-based practice at the point of care in order to assure  quality and  safety  for both those who give and receive care.  There are significant financial ramifications to implement technology that delivers executable evidence content to the clinicians.  The complexity of the learning curve, planning and implementation is enhanced initially by agreeing to do the work in partnership with an academic leadership team.  The nature of the work needed to address the factors that are barriers for implementing and sustaining evidence based practice both in the clinical environment and in the academic education environment will be explored.  The strategies necessary to offset the barriers in order to achieve the desired clinical and educational goals to support evidence based practice will be reviewed.