Creating a Culture of Inquiry: Supporting Nursing Research

Monday, 12 July 2010: 3:25 PM

Maryelena Vargas, BSN
Center for Nursing Practice, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Englewood, NJ

Institutional culture is an important element in an organization’s makeup and success. It includes vision, strategy, and marketing, financials. Culture has to do with the norming of certain values. The creation of a culture of inquiry at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center included open support for the values of 1) application of evidence to best practice, 2) nurse empowerment for performance improvement, and 3) interdisciplinary collaboration. These values comprise the shared norm that is held by health care professionals at the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center's Center for Nursing Practice. Participants attending this presentation will be able to 1) Define a Culture of Inquiry,2) Identify requirements needed to support a culture of inquiry 3)Recognize the process involved in developing an infrastructure that supports a culture of inquiry 4). Discuss strategies that can be implemented to engage health care professionals to be part of the process of inquiry.