First Steps to Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Model in a Community Hospital

Monday, 12 July 2010: 2:45 PM

Karen DuBois, MSN, RN
Center for Nursing Practice, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Englewood, NJ

Preparing an organization to implement evidence based practice at a systems level requires detailed strategic planning.  Application of an evidence based practice model such as the Iowa Model provides a framework for the integration of evidence based practice in an organization's culture.  The Iowa Model in particular provides language and forms that serve as tools for both novice (students and nurses) and experts (advanced practice nurses) in this area.  One institution’s implementation process includes the inception of Evidence Based Practice Council that interfaces with other nursing councils to provide support and education for evidence based practice at all levels.  Maintaining an infrastructure that is evidence based requires systematic review of policies and procedures to support this process.  This presentation will 1) identify the Iowa model components used with students and staff to facilitate EBP in practice, 2) describe the process of integrating the Iowa Model using the tools and principles of organizational change and 3) list next steps for meeting Magnet requirements related to EBP.