FAQs of Integrative Reviews: What, Where and How?

Thursday, 15 July 2010: 10:30 AM

Alyssa Tashiro Morita, RN, BA, BSN
Patient Care Services, Nursing Research Program, Kaiser Permanente, Pasadena, CA
Cecelia L. Crawford, RN, MSN
Regional Nursing Research Program, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California, Pasadena, CA
Quincyann Febre, BSN
Nursing Administration Sub-specialty, Kaiser Permanente, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Integrative reviews are regarded as being research of research.  Therefore, these reviews should meet the same thorough methodological standards as primary research in terms of clarity, rigor, and replication.  In order to meet these rigorous research standards, many questions must be answered during the integrative review process.  This presentation will provide the answers to several frequently asked questions of integrative reviews, which include (a) how to find the relevant evidence, (b) what counts as evidence, (c) bias control, and (d) expert opinion.  Two completed integrative reviews will be used as exemplars to illustrate the difference between the clinical question driving the integrative review versus the searchable question driving the search for the evidence.  Common pitfalls encountered during this part of the integrative review process will be described in detail throughout the presentation.  The conclusion of the first presentation will provide a bridge to the second presentation by revisiting the role of the clinical question in the appraisal and grading of the relevant evidence.