Starting the Journey: Nursing Science I

Wednesday, 14 July 2010: 11:00 AM

Lucy B. Trice, PhD, ARNP, BC
Brooks College of Health, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

In the first of three nursing science courses dealing with evidence-based practice, baccalaureate students are introduced to the basic building blocks of evidence-based practice. They are exposed to various models of evidence-based practice as well as to the PICO format of question development and its value in directing the search for evidence. Additionally, the rudiments of both quantitative and qualitative research and their relative place in the evidence hierarchy are discussed. Other areas covered in this introductory course include the literature search and literature review processes; the common languages of nursing (NANDA, NIC, and NOC) with a focus on how these common languages contribute to the development of nursing knowledge; and a review of various historical milestones in nursing and their impact on the development of the science of nursing.  Students complete a comprehensive literature search project based on a PICO question selected from a list provided. Teaching/learning approaches include lecture/discussion, small group work, and instructor-created crossword puzzles developed to assist students with reviewing vocabulary and concepts introduced in the course.