Evidence-Based Decision-Making Skills: Nursing Science III

Wednesday, 14 July 2010: 11:40 AM

Barbara J. Olinzock, RN, EdD
School of Nursing, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

The purpose of this session is to present an overview of the third and final nursing science course for UNF undergraduate nursing students. Innovative teaching-learning approaches used to reinforce research synthesis and evidence-based decision-making skills will be the focus. Using an interactive-simulated “hands-on' approach, students have the opportunity to practice using an evidence-based model to guide them in an abbreviated review process. Students work in groups as “committees” and use critical appraisal skills to investigate a selected clinical question of their choosing. Each class is a working session with students methodically using a step-by-step evidence-based approach in their appraisal and search for examples of credible examples of systematic reviews and practice guidelines. Faculty serve in the role as consultants and strive to create a supportive learning environment. At the end of the course, each “committee” presents practice guideline findings and best practice recommendations related to their topic. Through this interactive process, students gain appreciation for the facilitators and barriers to evidence-based practice and the challenges inherent in appraising best practice decisions. Post-course evaluations demonstrate that students quickly take ownership of their projects and report that they are more comfortable and prepared to participate in making evidence-based decisions.