Effectiveness of Using the Case Conference Promotes the Nursing Staffs Critical Thinking Abilities for Improvement Nursing Record Writing Completeness

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wang Hui Chen, RN
Nursing Department, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Keelung, Keelung, Taiwan

Learning Objective 1: Promotion nursing record writing Completeness

Learning Objective 2: Increases the nursing staffs Critical Thinking Abilities


The aim of this study is to use case conference to promote the critical thinking of nursing staff and its ability in improve the integrity of nursing records


From 2008/3 to 2009/3, 92 nursing staffs were recruited via judgment sampling from 5 wards of internal medicine in a regional hospital of Northern Taiwan. A quasi-experimental design was followed. Structured questionnaire, self-evaluation chart for critical thinking and checklist for the integrity of nursing record were investigated before and after receiving the problem-oriented learning and instructions for nursing records. The teaching files were written after the literatures and intend to teaching nursing staff to perform body assessment and collect patient’s data in a way of critical thinking; establish the health-related problems of patient; analyze the critical points of nursing; provide and evaluate the nursing care with a complete nursing record.


The understanding of writing nursing records and self-evaluated critical thinking of nursing staff improved significantly after training ( p <0.05). The ratio of completed nursing records was increased from 63.8% to 86.4%.


Case conference in small group with a problem-oriented learning and instructions for nursing records can improve the critical thinking in nursing practice and the integrity of nursing
records. The results of this study could be used a reference for nursing training in other departments.