The Impact of Using a Professional Practice Framework for Transformation of Curriculum and Clinical Experiences

Wednesday, 14 July 2010: 11:20 AM

Pamela Brown, PhD
Nursing, Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, Quincy, IL

Purpose: this presentation will correlate each component of a professional practice model to the process of transforming the educational process both in classroom and clinical settings.

Methods: Partnership with Clinical setting brought together faculty and clinical leaders to discuss framework and to explore the implications it would have on faculty development and faculty changes in roles and teaching processess. 

Results: Faculty engage at all levels within the organization as partners in the clinical transformation process. Faculty support each other in the development of teaching techniques that support all components of the framework.  In addition faculty become mentors for the hospital leaders and join councils to support transformation efforts. 

Conclusion: The obvious positive feedback from students and clinical leaders related to the enhanced clinical reasoning and skills of students, faculty/clinical leader partnerships, students testing results and overall professional engagment will be reported on.