The Lived Experience of the Transition of the Clinical Nurse Expert to the Novice Nurse Educator

Thursday, 2 August 2012: 3:15 PM

Natalie A. Weidman, MSN, RN
The Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences Nursing Program, Reading Hospital and Medical Center, Reading, PA

Learning Objective 1: To identify the barriers encounterd when clinical nurse expert transitons to the novice nurse educator.

Learning Objective 2: To identify areas of suppport to faciliate effective transition of the clnical nurse expert to the novice nurse educator.

Purpose: This study was to describe and interpret the experience of nurses without any educational theory as they transition from the role of the clinical nurse expert (CNE) to the novice nurse educator (NNE) in the academic and clinical settings. This study sought to determine if the clinical nurse expert was adequately prepared and supported through this role transition.

Methods: A qualitative design with a phenomenology method was used for this study. This was a convience sample with eight informal contacts. The tool was a composite of several questions developed by the researcher to elicit discussion of their experience in the transition. 

Results: After analysis of the transcripts, recurring concepts and meaningful patters were identified. From these recurring patterns three themes were identified. They were 1) a desire to teach, 2) additional stress, and 3) mentoring.

Conclusion: The need for additional support to the novice nurse educator who does not have education background was vital to a successful transition process. Most experts that transition in to the teaching role were there because they desire to teach. Also noted was the need for effective mentoring and faculty development programs targeting the novice’s knowledge deficits in exam writing and student evaluation. This study enlightened areas that need improvement in order to allow for a less stressful and more meaningful transition. By examining and improving the transitioning role of the CNE to the NNE, nursing schools can positively make an impact in the nursing faculty shortage. Current faculty and administration should do their part in supporting the novice and encourage changes in current places of employment for the betterment of the novice nurse educator.