BPINSA: The Knowledge Broker for Nursing in South Africa

Tuesday, 31 July 2012: 11:05 AM

Karin (CS) Minnie, PhD, RN, RM
School of Nursing Science, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus), Potchefstroom, South Africa
Hester Klopper, PhD, MBA, RN, RM, FANSA
Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

Learning Objective 1: gain understanding of how a institute acting as knowledge broker between evidence produsers and evidence users can be structured.

Learning Objective 2: identify how a initiative like BPINSA can act as a leverage for change in various contexts


Worldwide there is growing interest in evidenced-based practice, knowledge to action and implementation science as a whole. In developing countries access to published research is often difficult as some databases are restricted and internet facilities are not widely available. Due to severe work pressure, registered nurses seldom have time to read the latest research, resulting in an overload of new information, lack of access and limited time to keep up-to-date, that lead to late adaptation of the available best practices. Internationally there are several examples that is considered best practice of researchers working with clinical partners (research users) to promote evidence-based practice and addressing the knowledge-to-action gap. Against this background the Best Practice Institute for Nursing in South Africa (BPINSA) was established as a solution.


The purpose of this presentation is to describe how BPINSA was established as a knowledge broker, an initiative between six South African universities, followed by the vision, goals, the structure of the institute, and how we have successfully established international partnerships to enhance evidence-based practice.

BPINSA: Vision, Goals, Structure and Partnerships:  

The vision of the institute is to bring best available evidence to nursing professionals in a practical format to improve quality of nursing care in South Africa. As a knowledge repository we are the KTA institute of choice for nursing and health care organisations, policy makers and nurse practitioners by implementation of expertise. The institute is a hub for unique collaboration between researchers, clinicians, educators, policy makers, decision makers and operates under the umbrella of Tau Lambda-at-Large Chapter, STTI.

A governance structure, to manage all activities has been established, to ensure the buy-in of academics, clinicians and managers. International partnerships to development, refine, and contextualise BPG’s has been establish and clinical facilities as well as academic partners forms part of this novel initiative.