Visiting the United Nations as a Forum for Undergraduate Nursing Global Education

Thursday, 2 August 2012: 3:35 PM

Maureen P. Cardoza, PhD, RN
Nursing, NYIT, Old Westbury, NY

Learning Objective 1: Identify the mission of the United Nations as it pertains to nursing and experience the United Nations through pictorial media and summarization of delegate briefings.

Learning Objective 2: Articulate the objectives, assignments and benefit of incorporating the United Nations initiatives into the nursing curriculum as a modality of exploring global nursing.

The United Nations as a Forum for Undergraduate Nursing Global Education

The purpose of this oral presentation is to provide seminar participants with an educational program incorporating global nursing into an undergraduate Community Health nursing curriculum utilizing an on-site visit to the United Nations (U.N.) in New York City.  The program presented acquainted undergraduate nursing students with the mission and global health initiative undertaken by the United Nations that are congruent with the practice of nursing locally, nationally and internationally and supported by Sigma Theta Tau International.  The topics presented will include a discussion of the curriculum design and program objectives; a review of the purpose and main bodies of the U.N. and an exploration of the Millennial Goals and Non-communicable Disease  initiatives pertinent to nursing practice and the U.N. humanitarian efforts. Additionally, participants will experience a pictorial presentation of a private guided behind the scenes U.N. tour and a summary of delegate briefings provided to the student nurses both at the United Nations and the United States Mission to the United Nations.