The Multimedia Medical Teaching Enhance Effectiveness for “after Laryngeal Surgery Diet Instruction”

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

FangHua Hsu, RN, BS
No.901, Zhonghua Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)/Nursing Department, No.901, Zhonghua Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)/Chi Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan

Learning Objective 1: The importance of the throat after eating

Learning Objective 2: The importance of health education guidance


The way to improve the accuracy rate of diet instruction afetr Laryngeal surgery 


The work team adapts the quality consciousness reinforcement strategy and implements an improvement project during the period from October 1 to June 31, 2009.

  1. Establish the "after Laryngeal surgery diet instruction" care points: establish a "patient diet instruction after Laryngeal surgery Checklist", a value for threshold point, evaluate and improve the mechanism. Train the professional nurse to monitor the target value.

  2. Make "After Laryngeal surgery diet Guide" multimedia teaching materials: completing multimedia medical teaching content, taking pictures and CD production during 2010/4/1-2010/6/15.

  3. Hold two presentations about the topic—“after Laryngeal surgery diet guidance for care guidelines"—in 2010/7/1 and 2010/7/31. The staff in this unit all attend. The presentation content includes introductions, how to use CD, and do the tests before and after we do the "after throat surgery diet instruction" care.


  1. After the meeting, the test scores for nursing staff about “after Laryngeal surgery diet instruction” measured from an average of 62 points up to 95 points.

  2. There are 21 cases collected during 2010/7~2010/12July. The executive rate promotes from 55% to 100%, and the accuracy from 50.5% to 100%. This means that the goal for this project has been reahed


The results show that nursing staff can do it well—execute rate and accuracy—after we lead the project—“after Laryngeal surgery diet instruction” into this system. The unit plans to carry out the "after Laryngeal surgery diet guidance for care guidelines" monitor as a general rule.