Preliminary Study on the Cause of Single Parent and Life Demands in New Females' Immigrants

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ya-Ni Wang, MSN, RN
Hsiu-Min Tsai, PhD, RN
Yu-Wen Chou, MSN, RN
Feng-Wei Chiang, MSN, RN
Nursing, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan

Learning Objective 1: To understand the causes, life experiences and demands among new femalesí immigrants with single parenthood in Taiwan.

Learning Objective 2: To understand the social and cultural contexts related life quality new immigrantsí females.


 The purpose of this presentation is to explore the causes, life experiences and demands relative to social and cultural contexts among new females’ immigrants with single parenthood in Taiwan.


 This research is a cross-sectional study collected and analyzed qualitative data. Qualitative methods will be used to capture the cause of single parent and life experiences within the physio-psycho-socio-cultural contexts in new females’ immigrants. 20 Chinese mainlanders and 20 Vietnamese living in the greater Taipei and greater Taoyuan areas will be recruited using a convenience and snowball sampling method. In the study, unstructured questions will be used to gather narrative data by means of face-to-face interview.


 This is ongoing study. Local health departments will be used for obtaining information about how to reach these ethnic minorities of single-parenthood females’ immigrants. The names of key informal recruiters and translators for these females’ immigrants were suggested by local health departments. By now, a snowballing sampling is work better than a convenience sampling. This study will be completed at the end of February  2012. The narrative data will be analyzed using a thematic analysis.


The findings of this research will help build an understanding on the cause of single parent and life experience as well as demand among new females’ immigrants in Taiwan. The information from this study may provide government as references in making appropriate program and policies of these new females’ immigrants in Taiwan promote the positive life experience and quality among new females’ immigrants with single parenthood.