Exploration of Risk Factors of Osteoporosis and Fall in Postmenopausal Women in Korea

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sukhee Ahn, PhD, RN
School of Nursing, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, South Korea

Learning Objective 1: Learners are able to understand the level of awareness of osteoporosis and fall and preventive behaviors in postmenopausal women in Korea.

Learning Objective 2: Learners are able to explore risk factors of osteoporosis and Fall in postmenopausal women in Korea.

Purpose: The study of this study is to idetify the level of awareness and preventive behaviors for osteoporosis and fall, and explore risk factors in postmenopausal women in Korea. Postmenopausal women is vulnerable group for such health problems and this study may explore risk factors to provide a baseline data for appropriate nursing intervention.  

Methods: With correlational survey design, 670 postmenopausal women were recruited through 6 metropolitan cities in Korea. Participants who gave an informed consent were filled out self-administered structured questionnaires to measure the level of awareness and preventive behaviros for osteoporosis and fall prevention.  

Results: Mean age of the participants were 55 years old(SD=4.48) ranged from 45 to 65. Most of them experienced natural menopause(88%), and had an experience of BMD exam (66% ). Women who had a BMD exam reported greater level of awareness and performed preventive behaviors for osteoporosis and fall, especially for exercise, regular check up, and safety environment than those who did not. Women who had fall history expressed greater fear of falling than those who did not. 

Conclusion: Nurses need to assess risk factors of osteoporosis and fall in postmenopausal women and may intervene the modifiable risk factors through nursing education program to prevent osteoporosis and fall episode.