Public Health Issues on Global Nursing Migration: An Integrative Literature Review

Thursday, 2 August 2012: 1:55 PM

Ronaldo Verian, RN, MOH, MPH
Worldlink Review, LLC, Anaheim, CA

Learning Objective 1: Identify public health issues surrounding global nursing migration.

Learning Objective 2: Appreciate a potential model on global nursing migration with solutions necessitating global cooperation and collaboration.


 The purposes of the study are: (1) to identify the different factors that cause migration among nurses; (2) to identify major public health issues in global nursing migration and; (3) to develop evidence-based solutions to the global nursing migration problem.


 After progressive and rigid review of the databases, the publications list under the Research Centre of the International Centre on Nurse Migration with  30 out of 128 listed publications were chosen because of its sole dedication to the study of nurse migration including the most recent and updated work commissioned by the centre.


The International Centre on Nurse Migration mentions important factors behind nurse migration.  They have been categorized as either push or pull factors.

The study contains (a) published reports about global nursing migration, (b) documented public health issues related to global nursing migration and (c) summary of key solutions to public health issues in nursing migration.


The interventions to the public health issues on global nursing migration have eluded scrutiny.  It is therefore part of the research work to document evidenced-based solutions to these issues.  At the conclusion of the literature review is a proposed potential model for viewing public health issues on global nursing migration.