Knowledge Management Process of Nursing Students in Nursing Administration Practice

Friday, 3 August 2012: 10:55 AM

Benjawan Pittard, PhD, RN
Chutima Malai, PhD, RN
Nursing, Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Learning Objective 1: apply knowledge management process to support nursing studentís learning from their practice.

Learning Objective 2: meet their learning objectives and sharpen their creativity.

Purpose: This qualitative study aimed to describe knowledge management process of nursing students.

Methods: Sixteen groups of 4th year nursing students were recruited to be participants while they were having nursing administration practice in academic year 2009. Data were collected from experience record after finishing practice, nursing innovation report and presentation and focus group interview with group representatives. A manual method of constant comparative analysis was used to find codes and categories, and to generate a grounded theory.

Results: The results indicated that all participants summarised creating nursing innovation was the clearest knowledge management process. They perceived that process in terms of six steps starting by facing problems; using knowledge as a basis; sharing within their teams, getting support from others; applying innovation with their targets and gaining benefits to improve themselves and their work.

Conclusion: In addition, faculties should provide their students knowledge management lesson from their first enrolment on the nursing programme. Through their re-arranged teaching methods, faculties should encourage students combining knowledge management with new concepts to create nursing innovation or conduct research. Those aspects will not only develop the effectiveness of transferring knowledge to practice, but they also advance on characteristics of future nurse’s graduates.