Caring in Context: A 10-Hospital Study to Examine the Relationship of Environment and Caring

Wednesday, 1 August 2012: 1:30 PM

Gay Landstrom, MS, RN
Patient Care Services, Trinity Health System, Novi, MI

This 10-hospital study within Trinity Health, one of the largest Catholic health systems in the United States, sought to answer several questions within the Science of Caring. This study gathered baseline data regarding staff caring for self and others within each participating hospital and each participating unit.  Understanding the operations of caring at the context level can assist with context specific interventions and associated refinement and outcomes.

In addition to establishment of a baseline regarding how staff care for self and others, it was desired to understand the operations of the work environment, both socially and technically.  Delivery of healing caring behaviors for self and others requires supportive operations.  Therefore, the work environment was also measured to understand the relational and operational strengths and needs of each hospital and unit.

This presentation will present the study’s key findings from a health system perspective.  Key findings related to self-care and spirituality link to Trinity Health’s work around culture of safety and associate engagement.  The specific findings will assist with directed dialogue for action planning and refinement of care for self, specifically caring for self spiritually.  It is proposed as employees care for and appreciate themselves; this will translate into more visible care for the patients.  The eventual outcome will be a safer and more healing place to work for all, employees and patients alike.