Use of a Data Repository to Enhance Clarity of Systems and Outcomes: An Exemplar from an Accountable Collaborative Consortium

Wednesday, 1 August 2012: 1:55 PM

Cathy I. Schwartz, MS, BS, BSN, RN
Transformation Services, CPM Resource Center/Elsevier, Grand Rapids, MI

In 2011, a consortium of over 300 hospitals joined forces to launch a repository of clinical, financial, cultural, and individual assessment data for an Accountable Collaborative Consortium (ACC).  Currently, all hospitals are located in North America and use the same multi-faceted professional practice model construct.  The model utilizes principles of transformation science, including socio-technical systems theories, and will be described. The repository designed for theory testing, process refinement, and outcomes management will be reviewed, including its design, characteristics, and benchmarking capabilities. The impact of a professional practice model integration will be discussed through data analysis and evaluation of constructs within each organization.  Areas of impact include, but are not limited to, diagnostics for improvement and ability to track change over time, at each level within the consortium as well as across consortium sites.  The development of a professional practice model-specific assessment survey tool, administration, and use of data feedback throughout the ACC will be detailed. A case study will highlight the application of and results from this action-oriented transformative methodology within health care organizations. Future plans for ongoing evolution and application will be shared.