Testing a Model of Clarity of Self, Role, and System as Predictors of Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Jamaica

Wednesday, 1 August 2012: 2:20 PM

Pauline Anderson-Johnson, MSc, BScN, RGN
School of Nursing, University of the West Indies (UWI), Kingston, Jamaica
John W. Nelson, RN, MS
Research Administration, Healthcare Environment, Inc, St. Paul, MN

Research in job satisfaction has positioned the organization as the primary entity responsible for improving the work environment.  This study tests a model that positions the individual nurse as the primary source to create their own satisfying job.  Creation of a satisfying job begins with being clear in self, role, and system.  Clarity of self facilitates nurse understanding what they can and cannot do so they can collaborate with others in the work team who has strengths which they lack while at the same time accelerating in their individual strengths.  Clarity of role facilitates efficient and safe use of their own role while understanding how to maximize the role and collaboration of other professionals.  Clarity of system allows the nurse to tap into resources needed to maximize the use of self, within their role, to care for the patient. Clarity of self, role, and system will also assist with the nurses stating what their need is within their respective role to create resources needed within patient care.

Participative Action Research (PAR) was used to make the findings actionable with staff.  PAR is a process where analysts/researchers, management, and staff all work together to interpret and apply findings.  Data from this study was presented to every unit/ward in the University hospital so staff and management could interpret and action plan around the findings.

This presentation will review the model fit of how clarity of self, role, and system predicts the latent variable of job satisfaction as well as each facet of job satisfaction.  The presentation will also review how the organization used the staff’s articulated clarity of self, role, and system to create their own action plans on building and refining the structure and infrastructure to meet the needs articulated by staff clear in self, role, and system.