F 13 Creative Approaches to Simulation

Wednesday, 1 August 2012: 8:30 AM-9:45 AM
Description/Overview: This symposium will explore three unique approaches to simulation learning within pre-registration nursing programmes in three separate universities in Australia. We will, through examples of the individual approaches, identify opportunities for integration of such pedagogies into nursing curriculae. The use of virtual worlds (such as WiiMali) and gaming contrast with the use of MaskEd. The three presentations will illustrate the breadth and depth that these complimentary approaches bring to the students learning; with each having a unique place within the pedagogy of simulation learning and teaching. The use of experiential approaches and problem solving in curriculum design is not new within simulation learning however the challenge of embedding such diverse approaches as real time gaming, that is truly asynchronous, and to link that with the notion of a virtual world populated in a virtual community by families and ‘people’ using real case information is challenging. Participants will feel challenged (as their students will) by the use of silicone as means of transforming the nurse educator into another person such as a client or a patient. Currently these ‘simulations’ are ‘delivered’ independently of each other, however the need to consider a range of opportunities and approaches that will embrace a broader view of simulation learning is necessary and one that captures and shares best practice. Ultimately the symposium is designed to challenge thinking and to get participants to see that these learning and teaching approaches are within reach and can be incorporated into their curriculum.
Learner Objective #1: The learner will be able to explore unique and novel approaches to simulation learning opportunities that will both excite and challenge their students
Learner Objective #2: The learner will be able to articulate strategies for implementing the presented approaches to simulation learning with their students
Moderators:  Marilyn D. Klakovich, DNSc, RN, NEA-BC, School of Nursing, University of Phoenix, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
Symposium Organizers:  Roy Anthony Brown, MA, PGDMS, RN, BA, DipN, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health, University of Wollongong, Gwynneville, Australia
Gaming Has a Place in Everyone's Learning?

Roy Anthony Brown, MA, PGDMS, RN, BA, DipN
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health, University of Wollongong, Gwynneville, Australia

Wiimali: A Virtual Community That Engages Nursing Students in Learning about Primary Health Care

Tracy Levett-Jones, PhD, RN, MEd, &, Work, BN, DipAppSc, (Nursing)
School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia

Mask Ed: Knowledgeable, Realistic and Spontaneous Simulation, A Humanistic Simulation Technique Designed to Transform the Educator and the Education Process

Kerry Reid-Searl, PhD, MClinEd, BHlthSc, RM, RN
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Australia