Development and Evaluation of a Process Tool for Collaborative Care in the Psychiatric Population

Tuesday, 23 July 2013: 10:45 AM

Cheryl A. McKay, PhD, CNS, RN
Net.Orange, Dallas, TX

Learning Objective 1: The learner will be able to describe two statistical methods for initial psychometric evaluation of a new tool.

Learning Objective 2: The learner will describe two benefits associated with use of the CareGraph® tool in the Psychiatric population.

Purpose: 1. Determine if the CareGraph® is a reliable tool for use in the psychiatric population.  2. Determine if the categories for the psychiatric CareGraph® tool are consistent with the conceptualized domains.  3. Determine if there is a difference in cost for the psychiatric population receiving care using the CareGraph® compared to those receiving care prior to implementation of the CareGraph®.

Methods: Initial reliability was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha and known groups validity was evaluated using a t-test to compare admission and discharge CareGraph® scores. To determine if the domains of the CareGraph® are consistent with those conceptualized, a confirmatory factor analysis was performed.  Lastly, a pre- and post-implementation analysis was utilized to evaluate cost of care between two groups. 

Results: Initial Cronbach’s alpha for all items was .71.  A t- test assessing known groups validity demonstrated a significant difference:  t (215) = 14.663, p=.000.  Confirmatory factor analysis revealed a six factor solution accounting for 68.9% of the variance. Although LOS slightly increased after implementation of the CareGraph®, the cost was not significantly different. 

Conclusion: This study provides a starting point for the psychometric evaluation of the CareGraph® as well as initial quantifiable outcomes.   Internal consistency reliability and known groups validity demonstrate that the CareGraph® can be  used in the psychiatric population to provide a common system language for collaborative care. The significant results between admit and discharge CareGraph® scores demonstrate the ability to discriminate severity of illness.

The CFA captured the six categories conceptualized by the originators of the tool although they loaded in a different manner than anticipated. 

Although the changes in cost were not statistically significant , they were positive from an operational perspective and may represent a positive change in efficiency.