Analysis on the Life Attitude of Nursing and Social Work Bachelor Program Students in One Institute of Macao

Wednesday, 24 July 2013: 11:10 AM

Yan Wang, MSN
School of Health Science, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macau, Macau

Learning Objective 1: The learner will be able to know the life attitude of the bachelor students in Macao.

Learning Objective 2: The learner will be able to get some useful information to carry out their own life and death education in bachelor programm.

Purpose: To describe and analysis the life attitude of bachelor students from the programs of nursing and social work in one Macao institute resulting in the next step of life and death education.

Methods: Using the Scale of Life Attitude, developed by XIE Manyingfrom Taiwan, a census was carried out in 425 students. 338 effective scales were collected. The scale is made up of 70 items, dividing into 3 parts (6 dimensions). The total score (Life Attitude) and the scores of every dimensions were calculated. T-test and analysis of Variance were carried out. Higher scores show higher positivity.

Results: The female get higher scores than the male in Love & Caring(p<0.05). Students from social work get higher scores than students from nursing in Existence, Self-devotion, and Lover & Caring(p<0.05). Students from higher family income have higher scores in Ideal(p<0.05). Students from the families who discuss death frankly have higher scores in Death Attitude and Life & Death Situations(p<0.05). Students having suicide idea have lower scores in Existence and Self-devotion(p<0.05). Except death attitude, students with good interpersonal relationship have higher scores in Life Attitude and all dimension. Students having death experiences from relatives and friends have higher scores in Love & Caring(p<0.05). Except Existence, students with deep consideration about life and death get higher score in Life Attitude and all dimensions.

Conclusion: Woman, higher family income, discussing death frankly in families, good interpersonal relationship, death experiences from relatives and friends, and thinking about life and death deeply, are positive factors for life attitude. Life and death education should focus on the modifiable factors. We should induce the students to talk about death frankly with families, avoid suicide idea, develop good interpersonal relationship, and induce their deep consideration about the life and death.

I wish to acknowledge Macao Polytechnic Institute (code RP/ESS-03/2011) for providing funding for the research